Funding Guidelines

The James A. Welch Foundation considers proposals to provide funding to qualifying charitable organizations in Flint and Genesee County, Michigan for programs or projects which:

  1. Identify students who are academically and/or creatively talented, and through guidance and counseling services, encourage them to pursue their special talents, AND
  2. Provide additional educational opportunities for academically and/or creatively talented students to cultivate their special talents.

Please answer the following in your program description and in your subsequent final report:

  1. What academic or creative talent does your organization seek to develop?
  2. Explain the process for identifying academically or creatively talented students.
  3. Explain the process whereby the academic or creative talent is developed.

Note to Grant seekers:  Please include your definition of “academically talented” and/or “creatively talented” students in your request for funding.  Also, describe the selection process used to identify “academically and/or creatively talented students.” We also seek to understand how students will continue to develop or move to the next level in their development following participation in your program.

The following types of requests are of low priority and rarely funded by the James A. Welch Foundation:

  • Capital Projects
  • Major Equipment
  • Land Purchases
  •  Endowments
  • Renovations
  • Grants to Individuals
  • Sectarian Projects
  • Indirect Cost Recovery
Fixed overhead costs that are not directly related to the project shouldn’t be part of the program budget that the Welch Foundation will fund.

Funding Proposal Submissions

Funding Proposals should be submitted by the 20th of February, May, August or November in order to receive consideration at the next meeting. Proposals should be mailed to:

James A. Welch Foundation
c/o Lewis & Knopf CPAs, P.C.
5206 Gateway Centre, Suite 100
Flint, MI 48507